18 March 2014

160 Acre Revolutionary Bounty Land Warrant for Eleanor Fugate

I've seen these before, but the color always manages to impress me.

This is the surrendered bounty land warrant that Ellen Fugate of Scott County, Kentucky received based upon the Revolutionary War service of her husband Randall F. Fugate. (earlier post here)

Surrendered Bounty Land Warrant, Revolutionary War, Randall F. Fugate, widow Eleanor Fugate,
Warrant 27636-160-55, National Archives Record Group 49.
The warrant was issued in 1836 and Eleanor sold it to Samuel Downing of Fayette County, Kentucky, who actually patented property based upon the warrant.

Black and white scans just don't really do justice to these wonderful documents. Sometimes these are assigned more than once and sometimes they are assigned to family members. That's not the case with Fugate.

And Eleanor's signature is on the back, just as if she was signing over a car title.

Lovely documents. And these "surrendered warrants" are a separate series of records from the Revolutionary War pension materials. Many veterans (or their widows or heirs) qualified for these warrants in the 1850s.