19 March 2014

For Our New Subscribers: Our Content

We've picked up quite a few subscribers since I last commented on what content gets on this blog, so we'll summarize it here in quick fashion:

  • Research I'm doing on various families. Often this is incomplete, which I think helps to emphasize process and analysis for my readers.
  • My own families only. I only write about research on my children's ancestry. Their background includes the follow countries outside the United States:
    • 1/4 Ostfriesen
    • 1/16 Irish
    • 1/16 Swedish
    • 1/16 Belgian
    • 1/16 English
    • 1/16 French-Canadian
    • 3/32 German (Thuringen, Darmstadt, and Bavarian)
    • 1/32 Swiss (and maybe a little Italian)
    • remainder--probably English, Irish and German
  • My own areas of research. I only write about areas in the United States where my children's family lived. This includes most areas east of the Mississippi (except the Deep South) and also includes, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.
  • Immigrants in these families run the gamut from Mayflower passengers, Great Migration immigrants, 17th century Virginia and Maryland immigrants, 18th century New York immigrants, and 19th century immigrants.
  • FamilySearch digital image updates. These materials are a great resource. I don't normally include any information about compiled databases that are uploaded to FamilySearch per my own editorial policy.
  • Whatever else interests me. 
Thanks for reading!