14 May 2015

Webinars: FamilySearch, Court, Blogging and ELCA

Get your genealogy jump started for summer!
Choose From Our Four Genealogy Webinars
15 May 2015

All sessions will be recorded. Registrants get a complimentary copy of the recorded presentation. Handout is included. Live meetings are conducted through GotoWebinar--which is free to use.

Our presentation method is informal and practical and based on Michael's thirtysome years of genealogical research experience. Join us and grow your research skills today.

Getting More From Searching FamilySearch

15 May 2015---10: 00 am Central.
What's on FamilySearch is free, but navigating and refining search results is not always easy. In this presentation we will demonstrate how to construct searches, how to refine results, and how to determine if FamilySearch has online what you need and what you are looking for. See how to get more from FamilySearch and make better use of your online time spent there.

Order the "Getting More from FamilySearch" presentation here (media file and handout) for only $7.

Using the Lutheran (ELCA) Records at Ancestry.com

15 May 2015---12 Noon Central.
This presentation will provide an overview of digital images of ELCA congregational church records on the Ancestry.com site. Navigational and search techniques, limitations of available index, citation issues, download, and use of images will be discussed. Learn how to get the most out of this record set. 

Order the ELCA presentation here(media file and handout) for only $7.

Genealogy Blogging

15 May 2015---2:00 pm Central.
Learn how easy it can be to create your own genealogy blog--reach out to potential relatives, share your research, and maybe gain new cousins in the process. We will discuss the basics of blog creation, use and creation of images for illustrations, copyright concerns, where to get writing ideas, and promotion. Writing about your genealogy can also improve your research--join others in the world of genealogy bloggers.

Download Genealogy Blogging for $8.50.

United States Local Court Records

15 May 2015---4:00 pm Central.
Don't let local court records confuse you. Records of inheritance fights, divorce, property disputes, etc. can be genealogical gold mines. Learn how to access and effectively search these records (the indexes are part of the problem) and organize and make the most of what you find. You don't have to be a lawyer to get good use from court records--and you may be surprised just how many of your ancestors were in court at one time or another. One of our more popular presentations.

Download United States Local Court Records for $8.50.