11 May 2015

Seeing if Mom's Recent Obituary is in GenealogyBank

I don't know how quickly GenealogyBank updates their database of current obituaries on their site. It must be fairly regularly.

A search today on GenealogyBank's Obituaries page brought up two results for my mother's obituary. One with a publication date of 29 April and another on 22 April 2015. I'm not certain how long the obituary has been in GenealogyBank's  Obituaries database as I today was the first day I performed a search for her obituary online--more out of curiosity than anything else.

The obits that come up when the hits are viewed, do not contain any pictures. Users of GenealogyBank's Obituaries may wish to see if the original newspaper obituary is online in order to determine if a picture was also published. Googling the name of the newspaper is a great way to find out if it available online.

Of course, the GenealogyBank's Obituaries database does not search every obituary published.

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