03 May 2015

No Download of ELCA Images at Ancestry.com? [Now Fixed]

Sometimes when things don't work the way they usually do, it's not you--it's the website. I noticed this problem a few weeks ago, but with other things going on I simply forgot about it.

A Facebook friend (and relative) reminded me that the ELCA images ("Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Records, 1875-1940" ) on Ancestry.com do not allow the download image option as many records on Ancestry.com do.


Many other records allow users the option of downloading the entire image as shown below:

I actually read the "about the records" section that Ancestry.com has for the ELCA records. No mention of why downloading the entire image was not an option. Nothing "special" about the use of these records was stated. It would be nice to know if there was some reason why the "download entire image" option is apparently disabled in these records.

Church records are private records--unlike, for example, census records, which are public records. Churches do not have to allow anyone to access their records. Whether that's the reason the download is disabled I do not know.

If I find out, I'll let readers know why downloading images is not an option here.

This has been fixed as of 2:19 PM CST on 5 May 2015.