07 May 2015

1940 Era Fountain County, Indiana Marriage Record Provides Birth Place, Occupation, and Residence of Parents

This is a wonderful document from 6 July 1946 in Fountain County, Indiana: the marriage record of Bernard Henry Goldenstein and Lydia Leeora Nelson. 

Not only did it provide information on the bride and groom, but it provided the following information on their parents:
  • Name
  • Place of birth
  • Occupation
  • Residence

Bernard's father, Tonjes Goldenstein was my uncle. This application doesn't really provide any new information on Tonjes, but the potential was there. The information is not overly specific and is only as accurate as the knowledge of the provider, but still could be helpful.

And the residence of the parents could be helpful as well.

Always good to know that the bride and groom had not recently been in the county asylum or home for indigent persons.

And it just goes to show that searching for records on collateral relatives can be helpful.

Even if they drive all the way across the state of Illinois to get married in Indiana, which is apparently what this welder from Quincy, Illinois and his bride to be did.