02 April 2013

Was It Really Even a Deed?

My earlier blog post mentioned two "deeds" that were located in the "Complete 'Credit Under' Land Entry of James Shores, assignee of Thomas J. Rampley" of Coshocton County, Ohio."

Here is my question:

Should they even be called "deeds?" After all the claim process to the land in question had not been completed on 21 April 1829--in fact these documents were part of the documentation submitted in support of Thomas J. Rampley's patent being issued to James Shores. 

Just what should these documents be called?  Maybe transfers or assignments are better words. But now that I think about it, maybe "deed" is not how I should have been referring to these documents. 

Judy G. Russell answered this question in the Legal Genealogist on 4 April 2013. 

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