02 April 2013

Ancestry.com Adds Early Tennessee Tax Records 1783-1895

Ancestry.com has added "Tennessee, Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895" to their list of available collections.

This image comes for the collection--Davidson County, 1811:

The numbers appear to be a running headcount, not any number associated with people, livestock, etc. within the household. It pays to look at things in context.

This entry makes the point about the importance of looking at neighbors. Absalom Hooper Junr. and Senr. are on this screen shot--remember that "Junr." and "Senr." may or may not designate father and son. There are other Hoopers on this portion of the list, including Nimrod. There is also an Aquilla Jones whose wife was a daughter of Absalom Hooper--of course that is not indicated here either, but it makes a comment about the necessity of paying attention to "nearby" names.

A few warnings about these images at Ancestry.com:

  • Check alternate spellings--some of these records are difficult to transcribe.
  • Manually search pages for areas where you think your person lived.
  • Determine just what years and counties have been posted. The database may be incomplete for your area of interest. 
  • Do not assume that this collection is complete for every location during the years that are listed of 1783-1895. That cannot be overemphasized.
  • And not all counties may even have extant records for the time period of interest. 
Neat stuff, but use responsibly.