19 April 2013

Have Full Text Searches of Books Been Turned Off at FamilySearch?

A few years ago, I wrote about a discovery of a book I made on the Family History Archive (fornerly http://sites.lib.byu.edu/fhc//index.php) at Brigham Young University. The item of interest was located because I was able to perform a full-text search on that site. That search page that I used to use has been moved to the FamilySearch website as part of the reorganization.

And now it appears that the full-text search does not search the full text of the book any more.

I can get to the "advanced search" of the books on the FamilySearch site and it will let me perform a "full text" search, but it does not appear that I am actually getting full text results. Maybe the book description and catalog items for the book are being searched, but it does not appear that I am getting full-text results.

I really hope that I'm doing something wrong--otherwise I'm pretty disappointed.

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