03 April 2013

Database Entries May Not Always be Correct-Flanagan is Not Golden

This is the screen shot for my search for Anna Goldenstein in the at Archives.org.

The location of the church indicates it is in Flanagan, Illinois. The actual location should be Golden, Illinois. In viewing just the entries on that page, I recognized enough Golden area names to know it was not a church in Flanagan. Of course seeing great-grandma's entry sealed the deal as it matched what I knew about her already--that she died in Golden, Illinois, in 1932.

So for now, this image is known to have come from a Lutheran Church in Golden, Illinois. And Golden had more than one Lutheran church--never assume a small town will only have one church in any given denomination.

The number of survivors are listed as well as the Bible texts upon which the funeral sermon was based.

But I'll have to doublecheck what church the Goldensteins attended before I make this citation.