16 April 2013

Enhancing the Seal

With the permission of the creator of the altered images, I have posted three attempts to enhance the seal on the copy of a naturalization record found in the homestead application of Focke Goldenstein in Dawson County, Nebraska.

The seal was not immediately apparent on the scan I obtained--but the document did indicate there was a seal on it and it was apparent the "seal" was not one of those drawn by hand. If it had been, I would have seen it much easier. The County Judge indicated that the certification was "given under my hand and seal." His "hand" refers to his signature.

The "seal" is in the circle which was drawn by me on the image below.

Of the three attempts, the last one (I think) makes the stamp the easiest to read.

attempt 1--not to be re-used without permission

attempt 1--not to be re-used without permission

attempt 1--not to be re-used without permission
It states "Seal of the County Court Dawson County Nebraska." The words "Seal of the County Court" run across the top of the circle and "Dawson County" is on the bottom of the circle with the word "Nebraska" above the words "Dawson County."

Careful readers will even be able to read part of the reverse side of the document.

I'm still waiting for that three-dimensional scanner.

These images were obtained from Goldenstein's homestead file

The altered images were posted with permission of the creator, who will remain anonymous, unless they wish to identify themselves. We thank them for helping us out!

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