27 April 2013

Bears From Grandma's Spread

This is something a little different from our usual fare on Rootdig.

On the Facebook page for Genealogy Tip of the Day there was a discussion of "repurposing" old items as a way to preserve things.

These bears were made from my Grandma Neill's chenille bedspread. I've had them for a while as my mother (Grandma's daughter-in-law) had them made after she rescued the bedspread from a tractor in the shed. That was how my Dad repurposed the bedspread.

I'm not certain how long Grandma had the bedspread, but the bears were made some time after she died at her home north of Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois, in July of 1994. Grandma was born Ida Laura Trautvetter on 1 September 1910 near Elderville in Hancock County's Wythe Township.