03 April 2013

An Easy Way To Cite Images

Digital images are my preferred way to reproduce records for a variety of reasons. The ability to later create documentation though is crucial when reproducing any type of record. For records from the National Archives, which require a little bit more in the way of detail than local courthouse records, I find cards of this type helpful. A scan of the card is included with the set of digital images made from the record.

Sometimes when researching onsite, if I've taken notes on paper about what I located, how I searched, etc. then I also include a picture of those notes along with my actual images of the records. That way everything is in the same place and I don't forget.

Citation matters--make it as easy on yourself as possible.

Citation reminder: We are a strong believer in citing genealogical source material in the spirit of Evidence ExplainedHowever, we choose not to include properly formatted citations in these blog posts. There's always enough information in the post to create a citation and full citations are included in my how-to newsletter Casefile Clues.