04 April 2013

Confirmation Records of My Great-Grandparents

I've been playing a little more with the scanned images of church records from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America which are on the Archives.com website. With a little work, I discovered the confirmation records of my great-grandparents at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Basco, Hancock County, Illinois. 

I can't determine if the actual baptismal records from the church are on Archives.com as their interface does not allow for browsing. But at this point, indexed access is better than nothing.

My great-grandfather Ufkes is the second entry on this list--Friederick Janssen Ufkes, son of J. Ufkes u. frau. All the parents were listed as the father and the wife. 
Confirmation record from Immanuel Lutheran Church, 4 April 1909, Basco, Hancock County, Illinois; digital image on Archives.com
 My great-grandmother Ufkes is listed a year later--Trientje Maria Janssen.
Confirmation record from Immanuel Lutheran Church,20 March 1910, Basco, Hancock County, Illinois; digital image on Archives.com.
I'm hoping to make a few more discoveries in these records. Some churches would record the confirmation verses in these records. Apparently Pastor Geissler didn't do that.

My great-grandmother Habben is probably in these records as well. However her name did not come up in the index. Finding her, with the inability to browse, may be a little bit of a trick.