30 January 2013

Liddle Dies in 1911--Getting A Date

Date: Sunday, September 3, 1911  

Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA)  --obtained 

on Genealogybank
It has been a while since we have mentioned the Liddles. This death notice for William B. Liddle was located in a Philadelphia newspaper from 1911. I was hoping to obtain more information on William than this death notice provides, but at least I have an approximate date of death--August of 1911. That will allow me to search unindexed records that are organized by date. I'm trying to locate places of birth for William B. Liddle and his father.

Charles B. Liddle was the father of Charles A. Liddle, a railroad company executive in Chicago in the early 20th century. In a roundabout way, I'm hoping that there is a connection between this Liddle family and the actual family I'm working on.