10 January 2013

Direction Going Forward

We have received some good comments behind the scenes about the blog and going forward into 2013--thanks.

Based upon those, we're going to keep the webinar announcements here to a minimum--email casefileclues@gmail.com if you would like to be on that list. We do have to pay the bills (grin!).

That said...

Ads for "offers," sales on genealogical databases, equipment sales, will not be used as blog posts. I don't like to weed through those and I know that readers don't either. So we don't. We may prattle on about Rufus D. Stephens in upstate New York pre-1850, the nuances of the Social Security Death Index, but I'm not going to blog about how you should buy the latest gizmo that you simply cannot "do" genealogical research without.

We are also not going to discuss what I broadly call "genealogical politics." There are other blogs that discuss these topics (including what genealogical societies should "do" or "not do," what the role of professional genealogical organizations should be, what it "means" to be a genealogist, what a professional is, etc.) I have enough of these sort of conversations at work, so I'm not going to have them here--that sort of verbiage you will have to read elsewhere.

And sometimes blog posts may seem disjointed and we may leave you hanging on a certain person or problem for a while.

That's because many of the research based posts are written as I'm researching--usually as a way to keep me focused and organize my thoughts. So--sometimes I don't know the answers yet.