30 January 2013

Google Books Doesn't Link Right to World Cat

Readers and a few private comments indicated that the Locomotive Engineers Journal from 1950 that I was trying to locate was on WorldCat, just that Google didn't link to it correctly.

The Locomotive Engineer Journal is on WorldCat. There are several libraries that have it, including one in the town where I work. Before I actually make a trip, I am waiting for a response to an email to make certain the library has the specific year I need (1950). The library's catalog entry for the publication made me wonder if they actually had a run that covered the time period in question.

Always confirm that a library has the material before making a trip. In my case, it's a short trip, but a trip nonetheless.

And if the "automatic" links to WorldCat fail to locate the item of interest, manually search on WorldCat. I was a little too quick on the draw this time.

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