06 January 2013

Death Place is Actually Not

The "NO!" that is written on these images may look like a child did it, but that does not change the fact that the "death information" in the Social Security Death Index at Ancestry.com is NOT the place of death.

It is usually the location where the last benefit was sent or the residence at the time of death. It is not the place of death.

This screen shot is how Ancestry.com wanted to merge data from their Social Security Death Index into my "online tree." The location in the Social Security Death Index is not the place of death.

I was hoping that with the changes in the "trees" and the "merging" feature that this change would be rolled out.

Apparently not.

Am I the only one who is bothered by this? Please let Ancestry.com know that we need to accurately reflect what the records say. Being correct matters.

It is time to stop letting the programmers and database managers dictate.

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Grandma Cantrell said...

I have been irritated by the same thing. I always have to add a clear note to my own files to explain why the last residence was not the place of death when that is the case. Otherwise, it gets very confusing!