11 January 2013

It Was Not Mance After All

In "Is That Grandma or the Baby" we looked briefly at a census entry whose last entry was either for a 72 year old or a baby--depending upon how one read the numbers. My initial take on it is that the last entry is for a 1/12 month old. It may be another number in the numerator of the fraction, but the end result is that it looks to me like the last entry in that 1850 census enumeration is an infant under the age of 1--not a 72 year old.

However,  Ancestry.com' interprets lines 2-6 of that second entry as having the last name of "Mance." The household in 1850 has the following "Mance"

  • David--aged 19
  • Ann "Mance"--aged 17
  • Mary--aged 13
  • George--aged 11
  • Emily--aged 6 or 4
  • Amanda--under 1 year
 My guess--looking at the 1860 enumeration as shown below--is that "Mance" is "Marie/Maria" and is Ann'a middle name.

 Year: 1860; Census Place: District 9, Allegany, Maryland; Roll: M653_456; District 9, page 331, family/household 2374; digital image  Ancestry.com', 11 January 2013.
Don't ever take someone's analysis as the truth. Look and draw conclusions yourself.