09 January 2013

A Rough Rider Administrates

We have discussed Rough Rider Heye Albers before, but a search on


 Genealogybank.com for him located an additional reference from 1922, long after his time as a Rough Rider was over.

His name appears in a legal notice when he was apparently appointed the administrator of the estate of Carolina Johes in Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

Date: Wednesday, December 27, 1922  

Paper: Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM) --obtained on 


From this, we know that Jones left no valid will and that she was dead by 11 January of 1922. That's about all we can safely infer from the document. This is one nice thing about newspapers being indexed--items of this type appear on full text searches. Otherwise locating Heye as the administrator would be difficult because indexes we currently have to records of this type only index the name of the deceased individual whose estate is being settled.

Probably the easiest thing to do would be to attempt to locate Carolina Jones in the 1920 census. Of course, records of her estate settlement would also be helpful, but they do not have to indicate whether or not there is any relationship between Heye Albers and Carolina Jones.

Don't ignore those legal notices when searching the newspapers at