01 January 2013

Adjacent Locations in non-US Locations on Ancestry.com

This is a partial screen shot from  Ancestry.com.

I appreciate the recent changes that they have made in their search features. However, I am always on the lookout for enhancements. I realize and am painfully aware that European borders present difficulties to researchers.

However, when searching for counties or states withing the United States,  Ancestry.com gives users the ability to include neighboring counties or states for that location in the search.

This is helpful if I am not precisely certain where the person was born or living--depending upon what I'm trying to find and what record I am searching. This allows me to easily search for someone in Illinois or neighboring states all at once or search a census for someone who is in Coshocton County, Ohio, and the bordering counties without conducting those searches separately.

It is too bad that this feature is not allowed for European and other locations. I realize that it might not be the easiest feature to add.

But I would find it more valuable than some of the "interactivity" features and the "mobile" features. Allowing me to create more customized searches enhances my customer experience. I don't give on whit about some of the other "enhancements"  Ancestry.com has added recently.

The problem is that  Ancestry.com knows I'll probably keep subscribing anyway--until FamilySearch tweaks their features.

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