11 January 2013

SSDI Has One or No Matches at Fold3.com--Which Is It?

Update (2:58 pm Central--11 January 2013): Fold3.com is aware of this issue and the development team is working on it. I don't think they have a dartboard with my picture on it (grin!) 

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Hopefully I'm am doing something wrong.

I have searched for my grandfather in the version of the Social Security Death Index that appears on Fold3.com.

I used Internet Explorer:

I used Google Chrome:

Both times I received interesting results--1 Match is indicated in the gray area and yet it says "No Matches found for john ufkes."

Mark me down as confused.

There are actually four John Ufkeses in the Social Security Death Index (using the one at GenealogyBank -but other versions also give individuals dying in the following years:

  • 2006
  • 2003
  • 2000
  • 1967
The last three are all first cousins--but the SSDI won't tell you that!

Hopefully someone can point me out on what is up with the SSDI at Fold3.com. Try it yourself and let me know if you have any thoughts. 

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