24 August 2011

Yearbooks Contain Several Things

This advertisement comes from  James Bowen Harvey High School 1925 yearbook, recently released on Ancestry.com in it's Yearbook Collection, which was recently updated.The High School was located in Chicago.

W. G. Trautvetter was a pharmacist in the Chicago, Illinois, area and this ad indicates he had two stores in 1925, including one at 2338 E 71st Street. If I had not already know he was a pharmacist, this would have been a pretty big clue--and one that a person might not expect in a high school year book.

Trautvetter was born in Hancock County, Illinois, the son of George and Anna (Schildmann) Trautvetter. One just never knows what one will find in yearbooks--even in the advertisement section.

Search the Yearbook Collection  at Ancestry.com for yourself and see what you discover.