30 August 2011

Gloria Fecht-1948 Ice Follies

It took some searching, but The Billboard, 29 Dec 1947 (page 4) contains an article on the "Ice Follies of 1948."

The article was obtained digitally on http://books.google.com.

We've been discussing Gloria Fecht here and this is the first article I have been able to locate that specifically mentioned her Ice Follies experience. The entire issue can be viewed in the window below:

We'll have updates as more information is located. I'm not certain we'll have a Casefile Clues article on Gloria as there hasn't been any really "difficult" research or analysis in order to find her. I did have to be careful as her one first cousin (a Fecht man) married a woman named Gloria and so there were two contemporaries with the same fairly unusual name of Gloria Fecht.