20 August 2011

Newspaper Lover--and His Home is For Sale

One just never knows what one will locate when searching newspapers. This picture of George K. Freund appeared in the 20 July 1924 Davenport Democrat and Leader (digital image obtained from Ancestry.com) .  The article is essentially an advertisement for the newspaper, but it's a nice picture of George and does indicate his age (70 or 76) and his residence at the time of the newspaper (609 East Central Park Avenue, Davenport).

George K. Freund was a first cousin to George A. Freund. George A. was my wife's great-great-grandfather. Both men lived in Davenport at about the same time--middle initials are important.

Ancestry.com has quite a few newspapers online, including ones for Davenport, Iowa.

Interestingly enough, as this blog post is written, the home is for sale with quite a few pictures.