23 August 2011

A Refugee From the Ice Follies

I'll be honest, I really didn't believe my grandmother when she said her relative Gloria Fecht was a famous ice-skater. I guess I was wrong. The clipping above comes from The Oregonian  on 22 August 1951 and was obtained digitally on GenealogyBank.com.

As mentioned in an earlier post, there are two Gloria Fechts in  in the Social Security Death Index, one born in 1930 and one born in 1926. The age of the Gloria in this post is consistent with the 1926 birth. 

The 1930 Gloria from the Social Security Death Index, for reasons we'll see in a later post, is not the one who was the skater and golfer (turns out these two Gloria Fechts are probably sisters-in-law). This article clearly connects the skater and the golfer and there were other articles in newspapers on GenealogyBank.com that also connected the skater with the golfer, but they will not all be posted here. This one provided an age consistent with a 1926 year of birth. It will be a while before I get through all the references to Gloria Fecht--if I ever do.

It also isn't often you see someone referred to as a "refugee from the ice follies."