22 August 2011

A Special Execution in 1861

By virtue of a special execution is a loaded phrase, but it likely means the execution of a judgement. It appears, based upon this newspaper item in the Davenport Daily Democrat of 4 April 1861, that Paul Freund had sued Michael and Bridget Brophy and won a judgement of $453.39. The newspaper account shown here (which was obtained from the digital version of the newspaper on Ancestry.com)  does not mention the specifics of the judgement.

My next step is to learn more about the specific case. Paul Freund died in 1863 in Davenport, Iowa. This court case likely doesn't mention anything about his death and I already have his estate record. However, it may shed light on some of his business dealings in Davenport. Paul is one of those individuals who died relatively young and did not leave behind much in the way of information about his origins.  He was a German native and his origins while yet to be researched, have partially been discovered through tracing two of his siblings who also settled in Davenport.

Another approach to tracking immigrant origins is to look at individuals with whom the ancestor did business or associated. It seems doubtful that Irish names like Michael and Bridget Brophy will hold clues in that regard. However--the names of lawyers and others involved might hold clues to the Freund's origins that would have been particularly helpful if none of his siblings had immigrated.