10 August 2011

Update on Monteville Harness Year of Marriage

We have an answer to when Monteville Lobb/Harness/Rampley was married-1882. Readers will remember that there was some doubt as to the year of Monteville's marriage based upon online transcriptions. The blog post brought a response from a researcher who had access to microfilmed copies of the actual records (and has actually joined me on a few research trips). She indicated that it appeared that the 1881 year was a transcription error that no one caught in a publication done twenty or so years ago. Researchers are advised that these sort of transcription errors can easily happen. This is why when one is confused, reference to the original is always recommended. Indexes are finding aids, not ends in and of themselves

From Marriage Book 3, I found the information given below.
License number 2317 was issued to M. Harness on Sep 20, 1882. His name is listed as Monteville Harness, a restaurant keeper living in Loraine, Adams County. Age at next birthday is 26 and place of birth is Hancock County. Father's name is listed as "do not recollect" and the mother's name is listed as "do not know." The bride's name is listed as Jennie Meltabarger, resident of Loraine, age 22 at next birthday, born in Adams County, daughter of Jacob Meltabarger and Sarah Poling. They were married at Quincy on Sep. 20, 1882 by Wm. R. Lockwood, J. P. Witnesses were H. M. Swope (again faint, middle letter may have been different) and H. K. Rhoads. The return was made on Sep 20 and registered that day.

I'm still working on Monteville for an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues, but we'll have updates here as well.