30 May 2015

Mocavo's Free United States Census Index and Images

Mocavo recently announced that the United States Census and images would be free on their site. Because I was at the Family History Library for the past week, I didn't take much time to look at it when the announcement came out.

To search their census (and only their census) it works best to search directly from their United States Census portal--or try the year specific link below. Searching from their home page incorporates other search results--which are a part of their subscription services and seems to create a lot of popups. Searching from their home page also does not allow one to refine the searches as much either.

The images don't appear to be too bad, but they do load in segments and if use of the site is high, some portions of the image may not load quickly. Try again if that happens. 

These links will take users directly to the specific census search page:
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