23 May 2015

Meyers Orts at Ancestry.com: Free and a Search Suggestion

Ancestry.com has Meyers Geographical and Commercial Gazetteer of the German Empire available online as color scans of an original copy of the book (as a free item). The scans are nice to use and very readable. The image in this post is for Timmel. Many details of the area are included in Meyers, such as population, nearby villages, records offices, churches, mail and rail stops, etc.

However, the search interface worked a little strangely for me when the "Any Event" box was used to search and the autocomplete was used to complete the location.

The search for Timmel as constructed below did not locate the entry for Timmel.

I had the same problem when I entered "timmel" as the only item in the "Any Event" box. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

The Fix?

When I entered "Timmel" as a term in the keyword search box the desired item was located. I'll have to stick to that approach for the time being.

If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, please let me know in the comments box.I'd love to post that there's something about the search box that I'm getting confused.

Note: I recently gave a webinar on using Meyers Orts. It can be ordered on my webinar page.

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