30 May 2015

Getting Ready for Ft. Wayne in August!

This August I'll be taking a group to research at the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Part of going for myself and those going with me is getting prepared by looking at the card catalog. Some of us remember when the card catalog was actually contained in drawers with actual cards. Those days are gone.

The library's card catalog is online, but in two separate parts. Their microtext catalog is separate from their book catalog--something which I have to remind myself so that I don't overlook materials in that collection. The library is particularly strong in city directories, but researchers need to search the book card catalog and the microtext catalog in order to determine what materials they have.

The library has specific microfilm collections:

And more in their book card catalog of materials available in paper format. I'm looking forward to going, helping trip participants with their research and, if time allows, doing a little research of my own. Our trip is low-key, laid-back, and centered on helping you with your research. We don't have scheduled "events" other than a morning presentation. We don't want to take away from research time with "group" activities and participants can work on their own as much as they want to--and get help from me when needed.

More about the Allen County Public Library can be learned about the library's collection on their website.

Details about my group trip to the Allen County Public Library is available on thie page.