12 March 2015

Wildcards at Fold3.com-Why Won't Foc*e Find Focke?

Hopefully I'm just a little confused with Fold3.com. Hopefully there's just something I'm doing wrong that I'm not realizing.

When I search for Focke Goldenstein, there are 29 total matches. That's not surprising. Focke Goldenstein is not a common name.

While practicing for an upcoming Fold3.com webinar, I decided to perform a wildcard search for "foc*e" goldenstein. It should find "focke goldenstein" and any other matches to that search term. I should get at least as many matches for foc*e goldenstein as I do for focke goldenstein.

The surprise was on me. There were no matches. 

Hopefully I'm doing something wrong. If Focke Golenstein is in the database at Fold3.com (which it is based upon the first screen shot included in this post), then a search for foc*e goldenstein should locate it as well. 

These searches were conducted on 11 and 12 March 2015.

We'll post an update if needed.

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