25 March 2015

Using Archive.org and WorldCat Webinars Released.

I've just released recorded versions of these two presentations. Archive.org has scans of thousands of books--all downloadable in multiple formats (including Kindle for many). WorldCat allows researchers to search thousands of library card catalogs at once--including for print and manuscript materials.

Using Archive.org

Archive.org is a free resource containing digital scans of thousands of out of copyright books and thousands of rolls of microfilm (including all 1790-1930 United States Federal census records) Learn how to effectively search for specific materials, navigate the site and interact with uploaded items, and download items for personal offline use in a variety of formats. You will be using the site for days after you've seen what's available on this free site. Download the recording for only $8.

Using WorldCat

WorldCat contains an online library catalog for libraries across the entire United States and many foreign countries. Search thousands of library card catalogs in one interface. See effective ways to search for print, microfilmed, and manuscript materials on this site that contains millions of library catalog entries. Download the recording for only $8.