04 March 2015

1880 Era Household Clerical Register for Samuel--Part I

Ancestry.com recently announced an update to "Sweden, Selected Indexed Household Clerical Surveys, 1880-1893." As of this writing, the database is incomplete--Ancestry.com makes that clear.

But at this point, I'm happy as the database contains indexed entries for Tjärstad in the Östergötland province. Users of the database should confirm that their locations of interest are included in the index.

A not-so-quick search turned up the relative of interest: Samuel Otto Johansson Sund.

For those who have not used these records, the Household Clerical Surveys contain significant genealogical detail and are often cross-referenced to other records. Samuel is working on the farm of Jonan Mansson (line entry 6). I know this is the Samuel of interest as the date of birth and place of birth is consistent with records on him in the United States, although his name is slightly different--the addition of the Anders.

The "T" is relative here--and refers to Tjarstad, the parish in which this record was created. Like many records abbreviations may liberally used and are relative to the location and time period. The entry also references Samuel's migration to North America, which is known to have taken place during the time period of this register--an additional clue that I've got the right person.

Samuel was also vaccinated against smallpox and that's noted in the register.

We are working on a complete transcription/translation of this Household Clerical Register for Samuel.

Readers with Swedish ancestors may wish to take a look at Sweden, Selected Indexed Household Clerical Surveys, 1880-1893. on Ancestry.com. Like any database, the index is not perfect, but the ability to perform searches across all of Sweden is a significant ability.

Stay tuned.

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