17 March 2015

Related to Michael?

For those who've read various postings here and have wondered if they are related to me, I've posted an incomplete copy of my ancestor table on my website. My email indicates that there are several followers/readers who are related to me in one way, shape, or form.

I have quite a bit more of my Ostfriesen lines but just don't have them uploaded to the page yet. While some of the Ostfriesen last names are unusual, the nature of patronymics does not necessarily mean that we're related just because we have the same last name in common. There are several different Ufkes families out there for example--unrelated (I'm from the Ufkes family from Holtrop/Wiesens). Ufkes descendants have a male ancestor whose first name was Ufke--meaning that unrelated men with the first name of Ufke could both have children with the last name of Ufke. And every Ostfriesen has at least one (or five, ten, fifteen, etc.) ancestors with the last name of Janssen). Exceptions to the Ostfriesen patronym rule are generally the last names of Fecht, Flessner, Gronewold, etc. which are not patronymic in origin.

If you think there's a relatively close connection, I'd love to hear from you--but keep in mind that responding may take me a little while.