01 March 2015

Webinars: Brick Walls, BLM, Fold3, and Research Process

The week of 9 March means no classes, so we've decided to put on these genealogical presentations instead:

  • Brick Wall Strategies for 2015
  • Using the Bureau of Land Management Website
  • Using Fold3.com
  • Is Your Process the Problem?

Join us and grow your genealogical research skills!

See bottom of post for general directions. Can't attend live? Registrants receive a complimentary download after the webinar has been recorded. Live attendees can also request a complimentary download after the presentation. Our instructional style is laid-back, yet informative and thorough.

Brick Wall Strategies for 2015--Tuesday 10 March 2015-1:00 Central

Aimed at the advanced beginner and intermediate researcher, this presentation will focus on a variety of brick wall problem-solving strategies and is different from my "Brick Walls from A to Z" series. Discussion will be through specific example emphasizing the problem and the process used to work through it. We will also discuss knowing when you may be at the "end of the line." A basic knowledge of American resources is suggested. Download the recording and handout for $7.

Using the Bureau of Land Management Site-Tuesday 10 March 2015-3:00 Central

This presentation discusses search strategies for the Bureau of Land Management website--which hosts a database of federal land patent extracts and images. It will include a brief discussion of legal land descriptions in federal land states before discussing the several ways the site can be searched and queried. The presentation will conclude with several specific examples and how the site was queried for additional information. $6 includes registration and handout.

Navigating Fold3.com-Thursday 12 March 2015--1:00 Central

Frustrated with finding databases and people on Fold3.com? This presentation will discuss search techniques for determining what Fold3.com has, what it doesn't and how to search the entire site and specific databases for individuals of interest. $6 includes registration and handout.

Is Your Process the Problem?-Thursday 12 March 2015--3:00 Central

Is your genealogical research process part of your problem? We will look at ways to organize your search, your problems, and your results in order to make the most effective use of your genealogical and financial resources. Geared towards beginning and intermediate researchers. $6 includes registration and handout.


Registrants will receive a GotoWebinar link and a handout before the webinar begins. No special software is required to participate in the webinar, but a high speed internet connection enhances the participation experience. Questions can be addressed to Michael at mjnrootdig@gmail.com.