05 September 2013

Two More of Ira's 1870 Family "Located"

Using the word located is a little strong--as these two people have not actually been located in the 1870 census, but since they've been found in 1871 in Ontario, we'll see why it's likely they were not in the United States in 1870.

This is the 1871 census entry from Ontario, Canada for Charlotte (Landon) Cummings--half-sister of Ira Sargent (my elusive 1870 census ancestor). A short analysis of the enumeration follows related to my attempts to find Ira in 1870.

Ancestry.com's source is listed as: Source Citation: Year: 1871; Census Place: Sombra, Bothwell, Ontario; Roll: C-9894; Page: 40; Family No: 144.

The date of the 1871 Canadian Census was 2 April 1871. George Cummings is listed as having been born in Ontario (the "O" in the birth place column) eight month before the census date. This would mean that the parents (actually at least the mother) was in Ontario in March or so of 1870 when George was born (according to this census). Given that the family was in Ontario on the census date eight months later, it seems likely that they were in Ontario when the United States census was taken for 1870.

There's nothing in this enumeration to indicate that Asa Landon was in Canada at the time of the 1870 United States census, but it seems probable.


Ira's half-sister Charlotte is almost certainly in Ontario in 1870 and his step-father Asa Landon is likely in Ontario then as well. Ira's half-brother Edwin Landon has not yet been located. Two of Ira's four sisters are in Davis County, Iowa in 1870 and one ten-year old child of Ira's oldest sister Emmar has been located as a ten year old boy living in Lancaster County, Nebraska. It's highly likely that Emmar is somewhere near Lancaster County as she marries there a year later. Sister Minerva Sargent has still not been located in 1870, but she's likely somewhere in southern Iowa as she marries in Wapello County, Iowa, in 1870.

It doesn't seem likely that Ira went to Canada with his Landon kin in 1870 or so only to return in Davis County to marry in October of 1870. I'm not certain how much more time I'll spend looking for him in 1870, but writing up the search and working on it has not necessarily been a bad thing for me to do.