12 September 2013

Barranquilla Communications Regarding Troutfetter

This is the very end of the Troutfetter report written by Denver postal investigator Wm. T. Sullivan on 6 July 1900 which was referenced in an earlier blog post.

I was so focused on Pinkerton's that I neglected a clue in the very last line of the letter where it is indicated that the agent was in communication with the U. S. Consul at Barranquilla. I realized that the National Archives may have records of the consul which may reference that correspondence.

That's on my list and I've already contacted a researcher to see what they can ascertain. Hopefully I'll either hear from Pinkerton's or be able to locate these records.

Lesson--actually a reminder

Don't get so focused on one aspect of something that you neglect other clues that could be just as helpful.

Stay tuned...