14 September 2013

The Basco B and Granddad's 4th Year of High School

This is one of the more unique items I have: my Grandfather's letter from Basco High School.What makes it more unique is that I have several pictures of him wearing it. 

The three young men in the picture attended Basco, Illinois, High School in the 1930s. The young man on the left is my grandfather, John H. Ufkes, who was born in Bear Creek Township in 1917. I'm not certain how old he is in this picture. The picture has their names on the back, but the handwriting of the names does not appear to be from the same person. The picture was in the personal effects of my grandmother and I have no doubt about the accuracy of the identification. 
John Ufkes, Leon LeMarie, L.Vradenburg; Basco, Illinois, High School, early 1930s. Picture in possession of Michael John Neill. 

The red Basco "B" was also in the personal effects of my grandmother and it is shown below in this picture.Now I just have to find a way to preserve it. I don't have many cloth items in my genealogy collection.
Basco "B"of John H. Ufkes in possession of Michael John Neill. Picture taken September 2013.
In the 1930s Basco had a three-year high school. Granddad rode a horse to Basco High School. He purchased a car to drive the six or so miles to attend his fourth year of high school in Carthage, which is from where he graduated.

And I could swear that he and someone else bought the car and they rode together for that year. If only I had written down the name.