23 September 2013

The Pig's Mother Is Nancy

A recent search for "rampley" on Hathitrust resulted in a hit from the "Standard Chester White Record" from 1911. Two of my uncles--children of Riley and Nancy (Newman) Rampley--are mentioned on page 128 of the directory of pedigreed hogs . Most researchers may simply bypass a reference to a relative in an item such as this.

After all, directories of pedigreed hogs are not where one typically thinks to look for genealogical information about humans. However, genealogical clues are anywhere one happens to find them--even in a book that documents hog genealogies.

There is some genealogical information on humans in the book. One just has to consider the implications of the each item in the work. The reference indicated that William and Virgil Rampley were living in the West Point area in 1911 and were alive during that time. In some situations that alone could be a significant clue.

Apparently William Rampley had a hog named Cloverleaf Model 37498 that was farrowed on 21 September 1905 by a sow named "Nancy." Four of Cloverleaf's offspring are mentioned on page 128. Three that were farrowed on 22 Feb 1909 and one that was farrowed on 10 August 1908. 

Hopefully the grandsow of these four sows was not named for William's mother, Nancy.

The name is most likely a coincidence and nothing more. Certainly it is not evidence regarding the name of the Rampley brothers' mother. I won't be citing this item as proof of name--although I can cite it as a source for where the Rampley brothers lived at the time the item was published.

I'll let readers decide for themselves if they want to include hog genealogy in their own databases.