24 September 2013

E. Ufkes in the Ostfriesisches Stutbuch (Ostfriesian StudBook?) from 1911

I've mentioned various types of agricultural publications before but they've always been in English. This is another item that I located on Hathitrust

This one is not.

It is the Ostfriesisches Stutbuch from 1911.  This listing indicates the breeders of the horses listed and the owners at the time the directory was published. As with other directories it does confirm that a person with a specific name was living in a certain location at a certain point in time. 

The two references from the 1911 publication indicate E[ielt] Ufkes of Wiesens was the breeder of two horses listed. I neglected to copy a legend with the abbreviations, but I'm reasonably certain that the "V" stands for the male horse (with "Nr." being a registration number) and the "M" being the mother horse. 

The clues here are pretty minimal, but it does indicate that Eielt was probably still living in Wiesens in 1907 and 1908 when the horses were born and that he probably knew the owners (assuming there were no intermediate owners). As Ufkes was not the owner listed, it is always possible that he was not living in 1911. 

I'm not certain I need to translate the remaining portion of the entry, but I wish I had copied the abbreviations.

Note: I had a response on G+ that included the following translation:

6229 Ferida
born 1907, brown, white forehead hair, both hind feet white.
Father: Tello, Mother: Feige
Owner: A. Goeman, Visquard, Emden County.
Breeder: E. Ufkes, Wiesens.

6887 Feige I.
born 1908, white/gray horse, little star, left behind the ball of the foot white.
F: Tello, M: Feige
Owner: J. Georgs, Damhusen, Emden County
Breeder: E. H. Ufkes, Wiesens.