04 September 2013

My Ira Sargent 1870 Census Problem

Finding Ira Sargent in 1870 may require more than just looking for him. It is very possible that if he was enumerated, he is near one of his family members. This includes his siblings and his step-father, Asa Landon. and his two half siblings. This post summarizes what is known about them relevant to their 1870 census location and was done for our Genealogy Tip of the Day readers on Facebook who asked for a few more details. Sources are not included in this post.



Emmar has not been located in 1870. She was born around 1839 in Canada. In 1856 she married James Pollard in Iowa and should be enumerated as Emma(r) Pollard in 1870. She married Robert Ross in 1871 in Lancaster County, Iowa, and may not have been living with James Pollard in 1870. Her son Thomas Pollard is believed to have been enumerated in Lancaster County, Nebraska (page 181 stamped upper left, family/dwelling 868, George Aiken household), as a ten year old "cattle herder."


Lucretia was married in 1866 in Davis County, Iowa, to Frederick Price. They are living in 1870 in Soap Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa (page 7).


Martha was married in 1867 in Davis County, Iowa, to William Bell. They are living in 1870 in Soap Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa (page 5).


Minerva was born around 1848 (in Illinois) and married John Strobel in Iowa in 1876.

Step-father and half siblings:

Asa Landon-step-father

Asa was born between 1798 and 1809 in New York or Canada. He cannot be located in the 1870 census and it is possible that by 1870 he was in Canada as it is known that he returned to Canada sometime after the 1860 census where he is enumerated in Christian County, Missouri.

Edwin Thomas Landon-half-brother

Edwin was born about 1850 in Illinois.He cannot be located in 1870 and also moved to Canada after the 1860 census.

Charlotte Roxanna Landon-half-sister

Charlotte ("Roxie") was born about 1853 in Illinois. She cannot be located in 1870 and moved to Canada/Michigan after the 1860 census.