09 January 2014

It is 1880...Do You Know Where Your Ancestors Are?

As a followup to my 1900 post, I've decided to look at where my direct line ancestors were living in 1880. I've not included source citations or biographical details on these individuals, largely because I don't want the post to be any larger/longer than it already is. 

At this point in time, all my ancestors were in the United States except one: Jans Janssen. They were all in Hancock or Adams Counties in Illinois, except for Benjamin Butler who was living in Missouri. I may work up posts earlier in time as well, just to see how they areas of residence changes over time. I was not too surprised to see that with the exception of five, they were all in two Illinois counties. 

On 1 January 1880, I had the following ancestors alive:


  • Charles Neill
  • Fannie Rampley
  • George Trautvetter
  • Ida Sargent

  • Samuel Neill
  • Annie (Murphy) Neill
  • Riley Rampley
  • Nancy (Newman) Rampley
  • John Michael Trautvetter
  • Franciska (Bieger) Trautvetter
  • Ira Sargent
  • Ellen (Butler) Sargent
  • Johann Ufkes
  • Noentje (Grass) Ufkes
  • Jans Janssen
  • Fredericka Sartorius
  • Mimka Habben
  • Anke Fecht
  • Focke Goldenstein
  • Anna Dirks
  • James Rampley
  • Elizabeth (Chaney) Rampley
  • Sophia Elizabeth (Derle) Trautvetter
  • Barbara (Siefert) Bieger Fennan Haase Haase
  • Benjamin Butler
  • Johannes Grass
  • Antje (Jaspers) Habben
  • Hinrich Fecht
  • Hinrich Sartorius
  • Trientje (Behrens) Sartorius
  • Johann Goldenstein
  • Tjode (Tammen) Goldenstein
  • Bernard Dirks
  • Heipke (Mueller) Dirks
  • Ulfert Gerdes Behrens
  • Fredericka (Lichtsinn) Behrens
  • Henry Mueller
  • Geske () Mueller
  • Trientje (Claassen) Behrens
Locations--with numbers living there (and family names in parenthesis):
  • St. Albans Township, Hancock County, Illinois-3 (Neills)
  • Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois--8 (Trautvetters, Rampleys)
  • Warsaw, Hancock County, Illinois--2 (Sargent, Haase)
  • Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois-4 (Fecht, Habben)
  • Bear Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois-2 (Ufkes)
  • Northeast Township, Adams County, Illinois-7 (Sartorius, Behrens)
  • Honey Creek Township, Adams County, Illinois-3 (Dirks)
  • Drywood Township, Vernon County, Missouri-1 (Butler)
  • Wrisse, Ostfriesland, Germany--2 (Goldenstein)
  • Wiesens, Ostfriesland, Germany--2 (Janssen, Grass)
Do you know where all of your anestors were in 1880?

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