10 January 2014

A Plea to FamilySearch for More Detailed Updates

I appreciate the amount of material that is placed on FamilySearch. I also realize that those of us who use FamilySearch are non-paying customers.


It is difficult to know when a dataset is updated, what materials have been added and what materials have been a part of the dataset for some time.

This is especially true in a set of materials such as the declarations of intention for Hamilton County, Ohio. When the FamilySearch site indicates that the county materials from Hamilton County, Ohio have been updated, I have no way of knowing if they've added any information to the declarations of intention or not.

And while all of us should keep meticulous research logs, I doubt if most researchers do that.

Is there someway, other than manually tracking ourselves, for users to determine what material has actually been added other than just to say a dataset has been "updated?"

And while we are at it, titles that are a little more precise would be nice too. There are some films that contain information that is not suggested in the title.

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