16 January 2014

How Is the 1861 England Census at Ancestry.com "New?"

Another repeated frustration with  Ancestry.com.

The image above was taken from the home page today at 8:15 am CST.

I've used the 1861 census on  Ancestry.com before several times. If anything it is "updated." The  Ancestry.com blog and the content section of the blog do not mention this item.


How is it different? Is it different in a way that means I should go back and revisit those people I can't find? Have images been improved or enhanced? Or did they just update a part of the index for one specific county? If I don't know how it is different, I don't know how to alter my search.

A reader commented to me privately that we should "just be glad to have the records and 'work with it.' "

I don't agree with that. While I am glad to have access to the records, it's not unreasonable to want to know what databases include and when they are "changed" or "updated" what those changes or updates are.

Especially when we are paying for the service.

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