04 June 2012

Taking the Train to Salt Lake From the West

A reader pointed out that those living west of Salt Lake City can take the train as well. This is very true and I didn't mean to neglect those living on the West Coast in my earlier post--I concentrated on those of us who lived east of Salt Lake as I take the train myself and it can be a great way for those of us to discuss research problems, etc. before and after our time at the Family History Library.

Amtrak arrives pretty early (around 3 AM) if you're taking a train from the west. If anyone is interested in joining us on our trip and arrives on Amtrak from the west, I could probably be convinced to meet you at the train station if you've got concerns about arriving late.

A quick summary of my trip from an earlier post:

Our research trip dates for 2013 are a starting on the 29th of May at 6:30 PM with a hotel check out date of 5 June 2013. Our registration price is $175---with a deposit of $50. Deadline for registration is 15 April 2013 (refund if you cancel by 15 March 2013). We'll be posting additional details later this summer but that's pretty much the essence of the trip. Travel arrangements are not included.  Our group size has traditionally been small and we plan on keeping it that way.