14 June 2012

A Few Germanic Links on Ancestry.com

I'm wrapping up my presentations for the Palatines to America conference and am posting a few links to the blog for the benefit of those who are in attendance.

Some selected sites from Ancestry.com:

  • German Cartographic Maps
    • From the website How to Search the Maps:
      To locate a particular map, begin by looking at the overview map (Ɯbersichtsblatt). On the overview map find the sheet number for the part of the country you want to view. Return to the main database page and then use either the search template above or the image browse table below to find the particular map. If you use the search template, you can search on the map name or the sheet number. If you use the image browse table, select the sheet number range of the sheet that you want to view. Then select the actual sheet number followed by the year.

  • Meyers Gazetteer 
  • Bremen, Germany Ships Crew Lists, 1815-1917--these are categorized under Bremen, but include all of Germany.
  • Hamburg Passenger Lists--Handwritten Indexes--1855-1934