14 June 2012

Adressbuch der Provinz Hannover-1898

I've been wrapping up a few presentations and realized/remembered that Ancestry.com has an 1898 directory on their site (Handels- und Gewerbe-Adressbuch der Provinz Hannover, des Grossherzogthums Oldenburg und des Freistaats Bremen, 1898that contains entries for Ostfriesland. Fortunately in 1898 I still have relatives living there.

I found it easier to search for the village name as a keyword and then to browse the listings for that village. The last names of Ufkes and Goldenstein are uncommon, but those looking for Janssen, Gerdes, Dirks, etc. would be well served to view after searching by village.

The entries for Wiesens included my uncle, Eielt Ufkes:
p. 1346, part of Wiessin the section for Aurich

The entries for Wrisse included two of my uncles, Johann and Jurgen Goldenstein.

p. 1341, part of Wrisse in the section for Aurich