06 June 2012

A Plea to Ancestry.com

It won't do any good, but I'll feel better.

The image with this post is from Ancestry.com's home page today. Two things about this part of the page have me irritated.

One--the "U. S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925" are listed as "new." This database has been on the Ancestry.com website for YEARS. It is NOT new. It probably is updated. It would be nice if I could know what changes or additions have been made to this database. Do I need to search again for all those names I have already looked for in the database? Or do I not have to search for those names? Not knowing is a PITA. As a paying subscriber to Ancestry.com, this is, in a word that I can spell out on the blog, irritating.

And the ad implies that Dad can build his "tree" in one day. That ain't happening either or is making it sound like the "tree" building is simple. Hell, you can't even build a good tree house in one day, most likely. Unless of course, it is a "copy and paste" tree house.
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