17 November 2011

Genealogy at a Glance-English Research

This is a brief discussion of another one of Genealogical Publishing Company's "Genealogy at a Glance" guides.

English Genealogy Research, by Paul Milner.
It is difficult to cover everything in just four pages, so guides of this type must necessarily be brief. As one who has done some English research (my children are 1/16 English with immigrants from Cumberland arriving in Chicago in the 1860s).

In the interest of space, maps and other graphics are not included. There is only so much you can do in 4 pages. The "at a glance" guide for English genealogy research is a good summary of the content. It focuses on the basic record sources--military records a notable absence. Despite the limitations, it is a good broad overview. I'll probably pack it in my luggage for my next trip to Salt Lake. It's not a substitute for a lengthy, more comprehensive guide, but if you are needing a quick review of basic sources (or are just getting started) it serves that purpose well.

English Genealogy Research is published by Genealogical Publishing Company.